Days Gone By….

Flipping pages down the memory lane
I found some wonderful treasures
Some filled with laughter
Some with joy
Some with tears
And others with MEMORIES….

Thinking about my 3 years of college life….. I learnt a lot no doubt about that.. made new friends who are now besties for a life time…

Today when I sit alone and think about time that went by….. All I have is a BIGGGGGGGGGGGG bag full of memories… Memories full of laughter,sorrows,tears,love and moreover Happiness…

Wondering about all the things that i learnt from all the peopl i met, things they had to offer me to learn from them.. Things that they helped me in treasuring all the happiness that i have today…

I may not be perfect in life
May be not a perfect one in LOVE
But a perfect one in maintaining FRIENDSHIP for a life time…

Sometimes i wonder, it was just yesterday that i went to college and today when i look back i see myself as a success in every ones’s eye πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ It was definetly yesterday when i met 3 most important people of my lifewhoa re now with me forever no matter what happens in near future…

I still wonder on the time that flew away in these 3 years of college life…In these 3 years i came across variety of people who wanted me to learn from their mistakes. Found the best of the things that life had to offer me in its bag…
It actually gets difficult to gather words for time that flew away from my hand… Wish time would stand still whenever i wish to open my bag full of memories….

Can’t believe that college life is over and I am actually ready to take up the call from the real and big bad world that awaits me to take up the challenges that has to offer me…

I was like that aloof leaf from the maple tree
Had my shape and focus in life
But still finding something in my life
Then i met other aloof leaves
named Priyanka, Rahul and Aanandita….
4 slightly different people but still people full of life and more or less like each other…

Sat together and stood by each others side whenever ecah one needed… Supported each other with things that each one of wanted from our life….
And today all i have is memories and these 3 leaves with me forever…

We say days gone by down the road of memories but in Reality its just those leaves who are there with us forever and ever holding your hand in your good time and in your bad time…. For me those days will never be gone by as i have all these leaves with me for a LIFETIME…..

Rogering that


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Be it today we are happy or sad orΒ  disgusted by something around us – Music always finds its way to reach to our soul n make everything work and we are all over the thing which leeps into our minds…..While writing my blogs i do listen to music and when today when my topic is Music so it was a must to have it in a part….Right now m listening to “hey ya” from the movie :kartik calling kartik”.

When ever things dont work or we are bored n have nothing to do we see music to be our thing…..It can change the entire atmosphere around you.It has that power to put a new energy in us that we feel good about ourselves.

Our mood reflects the kind of music we listen…when we are happy its always happy n romantic songs and sa or we had a bad day at work or college a bit of depressing songs to depict our so called mood…..Why do we such thing with our mood n in choosing the kind of songs we listen?May be because we feel music is the second best form after facial expressins to depict our mood.

Today,when we are so very busy we find music to be the ultimate thing in our life to be connected with our daily chore.Well i bet,the person reading this blog would definitely before leaving for the work or anywhere must be setting his/her favorite music track before going anywhere.Can anyone tell me why?Its simple,coz we are so very use to of listening to at least 50 tracks in a day that without doing so our day is not complete.

Today,we have so many music forms out of which even i dont them completely but i still enjoy every kind of music again depending on my mood.

So enjoy music..its Vast n good n superb……… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Happy listening.


Bluemitten22 πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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College dayZZZZZ…….

Its nearly been one and a half year of me being the college studying the way out of things and understanding different people and PROFESSORS….

Someone has very righly said,”College and school days are the best phase of our lives,so we got to enjoy them to the core.”

During our school,our teachers are the ones who spoon feed us one by one topics,answers to all questions and solve problem on those on the last page of every chapter…Dectating each and every answer to the exercise questions,and all of us ending up doing homework at our homes.Schools are meant to be the stepping stone in our lives.It makes us aware of the fact that YES now we are supposed to stand on our own feet and make the world know that WE ARE COMING…….I still remember my teacher for english language saying that,”one day even Priya would be writing and people would be reading to her.”May be it was her wish or her instincts that I am writing oday and people all out here are surely reading me and trying to know how am I???

Since its been time me being in PUNE,struggling for life to understand it,may be it was GOD’s small pack for me lying with him in HIS drower that HE has to teach me how to be strong and make place for myselg in the world around me.

Have learnt a lot and still learning a lot.We all enjoy as well as learn in our college lives,but somewhere we still miss spoon feeding that we had in our schools…….

College days teach us a lot and we try to make sure that we are adding all these days to our lives.After all we have to step-up in real life out there to make space in this already crowded space…..

Well,its never too late to start in our lives.Being from small and developing town I can surely say that life is too short to compile it,make sure that everyday starts with a new story in our lives and try to add it to your life,slowly and gradually life will be full of short and some long stories which together will make journey called LIFE….. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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Staying CONNECTED………….

I wonder all of us are so in need to be connected so we have different access to them as well,viz,facebook,orkut,myspace and all these…………….

Why do we have so much GAP between us that we start feeling scared to face each other and we all start using the time being the healer of all………….PROBLEMS.We feel so aloof from our own group that we try to run away from them and hide somewhere where no one can find us…..In short,we are running from ourselves and are being scared to answer the questions haunting……….

I feel that we are scared from ourselves only……so we take different ways to stay connected from all people that we know.simple reason-so that we are not facing them and being questioned or being answerable to anything…….

feeling scared is not the slution because one day we will have to answer all our doubts and questions that haunt us and that day would be the best day in our lives because we will be free from all the troubles haunting us and all the questions would reach to an end…


The way in which we are staying connected is all good as everyday we all have a new beginning and a new learning day for us to learn from our mistakes…

We write,may be this the way that we feel to be satying connected to ourselves,because we need a medium to talk to ourselves and to clear our doubts and staying happy…………….

At the end of the daywe all want to be happy and have peace of mind because this only helps us to have a new beginning again the next day we get up and we find different ways of staying connected to all…………..

Stay connected


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School days

The best of the best days of your life…..SCHOOL DAYS.

Days pass and we all learn to leave alone with the memories of our school life.Schools were the best days in our life still we are not able to forget it.We tend to move ahead in our lifewith our colleges and then a job…Why dont we take a pause in our life and remember the last time we had a big blast of our life with our friends and when it was the last time we actually opened the school memories from that dark part of our brains……

I still remember my school days when i had no trouble or any issues with anyone who were around me.Now i think why did i grew up………. now everyday i have to think what i have to do with my life that is becoming so tough for me……with all sorts of adjustments and changes that are happening…i meet new people everyday which(believe me)becomes very had to understand that this person was talking something else by yesterday and now today he is again different……

Phewwwwwwwwwwwwww you start getting irritated with this thing happening to you everyday…….Life is not soooooo easy as we thing this to be…..

We all want to be the most successful in our lives but still we dont want to lose the very favourite days of our lifes where we were so very happy……

Dont let your school days memories fade that we get only once in our lifetime…….



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A very innocent stage in a persons life…………CHILDHOOD.

All of us still remember that stage whenever we are facing any problem or a tensions or sometimes in those circumstances when we are not ready to accept the very reality ofΒ  our life,when we are totally devastated or are feeling very low about what to do about a situation,we all hurriedly want to go back to that phase of our life where we had our parents or elders to take care of us and to take the very important decisions of our lives…..

Sometimes i think “why do we grow up? Is there any need of it?” the answer comes “YES”,we need to grow to know about the reality why are we there in this world…..what is our very important moto of being alive.God,The Almighty has given us this life to prove ourselves and our abilities to all the people around us who want us to the best out of the bestest people……

Childhood makes us feel that we are the only one’s for all around us.We know what all abilities do we have??what all we can do to achieve all those dreams that we see during our childhood……….

There always lies a questions in our mind “are we correct?” “do we really need to go that far with our life?”

WHY ARE WE SO SCARED TO ANSWER TO OURSELVES its not that difficult to do…….we own ourselves and we are the only rules of our one can tell us what to do and what not to do??? We can go back to our childhood whenever we want to….no matter what age or what post you are…If your childhood is making you happy then there should be no shame for going there back……

All of us have just loved our chidhood but we are stilll afraid of going to it. Just sit down and think once what all you did as a child??I am sure you’ll never fee like coming out of it…… its good to be a child sometimes so why not NOW…….and FOREVER………..


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A very common word that we use everyday is FAITH…….

Do we actually know the meaning of it????????

Faith is the confident belief or trust in the truth of or trustworthiness of a person, idea, or thing. For example, the word “faith” can refer to a religion itself or to religion in general. As with “trust”, faith involves a concept of future events or outcomes, and is used conversely for a belief”not resting on logical proof or material evidence.” Informal usage of the word “faith” can be quite broad, and may be used standardize in place of “trust” or “belief.”

Faith is often used in a religious context,Β  where it almost universally refers to a trusting belief in a reality, or else in a DIVINE or and said being’s role in the order of transcendent, spiritual things. In a religious context, the actual meaning of the word “faith” is very commonly misconstrued, mostly by those who call themselves faithful and very commonly even by their opponents.

These words indisputably refer to the requirement of solid and logical inferences for the foundation of a real and acceptable faith, relatively speaking. Conversely, a “believer” that does not have logical, solid, and trustworthy references on which to base their “faith” has fallen into mere credulity and Fidelity. Many are surprised to see that the Bible itself actually condemns illogical, unfounded credulity.

Faith is in general the persuasion of the mind that a certain statement is true. It is the belief and the assent of the mind to the truth of what is declared by another, based on his or her authority and truthfulness.

Well,in short,we can have faith in anything

  • God
  • Human being
  • Our religion
  • Our language

There is a saying in hindi”mano toh khuda nahi mano toh patthar”.

Meaning-if you have faith in something then its God or else a mere stone……………….


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